Vietabroader Academic Conference 2010: Introduction

Vietabroader Academic Conference 2010 is a budding idea that will hopefully unfold this summer. Our targeted audience is students, both studying abroad and at home. We are making progress everyday towards a successful and reverberant conference.

(And yes, this is different and separate from the usual VA Conference as you know of.)

Update August 2010: Well, as you can guess, this project, grandiose and momentous as it is sounds, has been sent to the Necropolis of Ideas.


It has become almost redundant to repeat that every colossus rests upon small blocks. Yet the immense degree of wisdom demands its reiteration, especially in our time: Vietnam is at the very foundational and transformative stage of constructing a respectable standing.

This is a critical moment: the startup cost of a late developer can hardly be overstated; at the same time, the opportunity to establish a sound foundation should not be overlooked. Yet our youth, our essential building blocks, those with passion and ambition for our country, have limited means to fully comprehend his own country’s situation and to meaningfully connect with his likes.

Of what use will it be for building blocks, albeit talented and motivated, to lie unattached?

Our conference aims to address this fundamental issue. It provides a sustained medium of information exchange, through which participants can 1) obtain a comprehensive view of our country’s standing and can 2) formulate mutually enforcing bonds with his dedicated peers. An accurate picture and a contagious passion – those are what we try to promote.

We recognize that change will not come overnight, and that radicalism is the fruit of frustration and not of thoughtfulness. The scale and the urgency of the project necessitate immediate, but not impetuous, mobilization of our youth. Realistically small steps, such as this conference, must be taken, without degrading into tepidity or losing sight of the greater cause of building and protecting our country.

We, therefore, commit to act gradualistically but to think uncompromisingly.

We also strongly believe that the constitutive factor and the enduring legacy of a nation are its people; and those of a person are his mind. For this very reason, our conference roots in the most fundamental constituents of any great country: its informed and united minds.

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