[Announcement] New Series: Q&A

After the 10,000-view entry, I seem to, very coincidentally, become utterly non-prolific. Emphasis added to reassure that my creative lapse is not a sign of me being victimized by self-content. (Not this time, at least.)

Unfortunately, that is not going to change very soon, considering the fact that I have to juggle my life between dutifully working on my IR seminar research, compulsively reading Starcraft 2 strategies, and artfully fixing dinners.

That last thing is dangerously growing into something like – dare I say it – well – a ‘hobby’. When I was asked to go to a movie last Friday, the first thought that occurred was: “If I go, who’ll cook dinner at home?” Wow. I just out-wifed the majority of (post-modern) wives there. Is it worrisome? – That’s worthy of an entry in itself, only that I have not yet figured out the answer. It’s definitely scary though – in the same way that some girls are scared to get their Ph.Ds. (I’m not going to be able to clearly construct the analogy without offending a few people – so I won’t.)

Anyhow, the fact that during Fall Break I still failed to crank out any entry at all put the last nail on the coffin.  I am thus compelled to finally put this hitherto tentative idea into action: I will take and answer questions from everyone, on any topics, should anyone feels that I command enough authority on a particular issue that my prejudices opinions are worthy of being consulted. Be it life, studies, love, or Starcraft – no matter. Even though I suck at most of those things (currently a ~1000-point diamond Protoss bachelor undergraduate), as any self-respected genuine nerd, I may know quite a bit about things I’m not even good at.

I was thinking about putting some restrictions on the allowed topics. But no, I will trust you to judge which questions I’m qualified to answer. (Don’t worry, I will tell if I’m not.) So you can, 1) post a question here, 2) post a question on this dedicated page, or 3) send me an email to anh.le91 @ gmail.com if you desire anonymity. State your questions, perhaps your preliminary thoughts, and your preferences regarding the answer (e.g. length: super short, short, or medium – who likes long responses, right?; language: Vietnamese or English; time: urgent or casual; etc.) I will notify you should I receive the question, and indicate when (or whether) I can answer you with an entry/comment.

I understand that at this very moment, the blog is taking a decidedly populist turn. My advance apology to all of those who stay with this blog because of its selectivity in topics choice (I know – that’s how I like it too.) Yet for the time being, my mind is not particularly fruitful, (which is very different from being inactive.) It’s being fertilized, rather – with new pressing puzzles and questions whose complexity requires leisurely and conscientious fermentation before being served. An abundant harvest is in the future.

And for now, I’m taking questions 🙂


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