Comics gem

These are just a few of the better ones that I’ve run across in the garbage-filled place (that is the Internet). There isn’t really a theme threading all these comics – if we don’t count “being brilliant” as one, of course.

This is just a fun, silly, and random entry before I plunge once again into papers 😀 Cross my finger that I’ll actually get something done.

So enjoy!



Ph.D. comics – Piled Higher and Deeper (credit goes to Ngân Hà for reminding me of this hilarious comic strip.)


  1. milkievu said:

    Hehe, tớ thích bạn gọi tớ là Ngân Hà hơn.

    • anhqle said:

      I prefer that too 😀 Milkie was just an attempt to preserve your somewhat anonymity online.

      Edited already 😀

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