Snow theme!

WordPress is bringing back the snow theme again! So I’m accordingly changing my favorite white to my favorite black. And repost Yiruma’s Falling – all of which just go together so beautifully.

The snow thrusts me back into the memories of this time last year, which was wildly different from how things are now. It was largely painful, so painful that it was actually worth the pain. (The side effect of being happy is that no poem gets written. Darn. It’s just so tempting to be sad sometimes.)

Anyhow, good luck with finals (and college application) everyone! Right now I’m dedicating virtually all of my time into finishing my research, which, unlike most other BS undergrad writing, is actually of some real value to the world (I hope). I will be glad to discuss it some time later, should it be in the interest of anyone.

For now, enjoy the music 🙂

Falling – Yiruma (Media file) (Piano sheet)
– give it 3 minutes of your full and calm attention. Does it not go so fine with the snow theme, by the way?

P/S: Chaconne fits the weather quite well, too 😀

Update Dec. 3: Back to my favorite white already 🙂 The blog now doesn’t look much unlike my school in deep winter. lol

  1. Minh Trịnh said:

    Anh ơi, cái theme này display 1 lúc tất cả các post, các cái box nhỏ bị đảy xuống cuối hết nên navigate khá là khó khăn

    Với cả cái LaDillettante đâu rồi :))

    • anhqle said:

      Beauty over functionality! When do you ever find functionality breath-taking?

      Nhung ma cong nhan cai theme kia ngon hon that lol.

      Cho nen la in the long run lai quay lai cai kia thoi. Cung khong khac chuyen lay vo la may. lmao

  2. ngachan said:

    “It’s just so tempting to be sad sometimes” <<< Em thích câu này ❤

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