Dealing with whiners

This semester I’ve been working as a Calculus homework grader – a job whose only form of entertainment is witnessing students’ ludicrousness. Below is an exceptional one. He turned in a pile of late homework on the last day of class, with some extra (i.e. unsolicited) comments about my intelligence on the side.

And here is the notorious problem 5 that he talked about (the writing next to the sticker is mine):

Initially, the question mark says: "What is the final answer?" But now, well, it means "Why the fuck are you even in college?" And that's a rhetorical question, too.

Finally, I am obliged to explain why he got a 38. It was 3 AM at the time – with me being tired, irritated, and tickled at once – so my savage sarcasm did not fully bloom in the comments. (What a pity. It couldn’t have been that much funner.) But I managed to sneak in some anyhow.

Yes, I think you absolutely deserve a re-grading - so that I can enjoy writing these comments.


I could have easily bashed him a lot more , but doing so in the safety and comfort of my blog, without giving a chance to defend is just too cowardly (besides, the dining hall in closing in 15 min >.<) So I will just leave it here 😀



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