Yet another post about Japan

I usually dismiss disaster relief campaigns, especially those on the internet, as phony fads that let people feel good about themselves rather than actually help the victims. (Honestly, how many people know how Haiti is doing now?)

So I have been rather blasé about what has been going on in Japan.

Until I read this NY Times article about graduation ceremonies being held in the affected area, despite brutal losses. The irony was too much to swallow without feeling something stuck in your throat.

KESENNUMA, Japan — Schools here begin class in April and hold graduation ceremonies in March; like spring, they represent renewal and rebirth.

On Tuesday morning, in a school meeting hall in this tsunami-ravaged seaport, it became something else: an act of defiance.


The students here made determined efforts to remain upbeat. But many proved unable to hold back tears, whether singing school songs or joining in the brief after-graduation party.

“They tried not to show their sadness, but we couldn’t see them smiling,” said Yasuyuki Toba, one of the ninth-grade teachers who led the ceremony. So to end the party, he led a chant for the students clustered around him.

“Let’s meet again!” he shouted.

The students shouted in unison: “Let’s meet again!”

Diplomas and Uncertainty for Japanese Pupils [New York Times]

Yes, let’s meet again– for memories and losses are always here with us, while the banners and Facebook statuses will soon be gone.

  1. hungphamxuan said:

    It’s something totally unrelated to the post, but do you have the habit of drawing people from looking from the left ^^? It kinda creates an imbalance in the picture’s composition :D, especially when “diversity of action”, or lack thereof, is concerned. Or maybe you could make the Japanese guy looking to the left to stress on the opposing viewing “direction”?

    • anhqle said:

      oopsie–totally not my drawing. It’s just something I found on the internet. My drawing skill is really almost non-existent. Sigh.

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