Master! Master at last!

LaDilettante is in Master League! (pun totally intended.)

He is now officially among the top 2% players in the whole wide world.

O God, in my mind I’ve rehearsed this moment so many times, have lived through a thousand scenarios, have come up with a multitude of speeches–only to be, now, speechless.

Months of practicing. Hours of analyzing reps. Strategy notes full of hasty scribbles. Every weekend without failing. This is to show the dedication pays, that perseverance will triumph, that with passion nothing cannot be …

Oh, &*$# that! I am in Master League–that’s all I freaking care!

Hell yeah. Isn’t it wonderful to sit on top of the world?

Best or nothing.


For those who wonder what is this thing that captivates so many hearts–here is a documentary about the return to Starcraft 2 of Lim Yo-Hwan, “The Emperor” of Starcraft 1, the guy that made e-sport possible. Six-figure salary and fan clubs of hundreds thousands. 400 actions per minute and decision-making at superhuman speed. 10 hour practice everyday and an average career of mere 7 years. No matter what you are into–fame, talent, or competitiveness–this game has it all.

(Hopefully I can now focus on studying lolz)


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