Quick question for the new readers

Today my blog got 500+ views and 300+ visitors–the highest since its conception despite the fact that I have not written anything much lately…

I’m genuinely curious… Did someone publicize my SAT Tieng Viet post? Most of the clicks are coming from Vietnam to see that post. Since it’s still morning over there, I hope people are still coming and, if you’re one, please let me know what brought you here.

You guys are making me feel really guilty about slacking off 😀 Even more so since I made bold claims of a glorious come back in the last entry, which has been collecting dust for 4 months itself.

EDIT: Okay, so the number of views has gone up to over 1000 and climbing, and new visitors at 500+. Could anyone please tell me what is going on?

  1. Hey QA,
    I saw on facebook about your ‘SAT Tieng Viet’ post days ago, and then I started to see your other posts as well (hey, i’m an introvert by the way 😉 love your posts about this). Well, I really like your writing so please keep on working on this blog ;).

    • same here. A friend of mine shared the post of “SAT Tieng Viet” and it led me to this world. Thing that suddenly comes across my mind when I set my first step on your blog is like entering the world of a geek. 🙂 Your writing is really admiring, reflecting your strong logical thinking. I also find it interesting to browse through other posts of yours and like your sense of humor expressed in some posts so much. Hope to read more posts of yours in the future 🙂

  2. Linh Vu said:

    Anh oi on March 26 ban em o DePauw share cai post day :)) em ko chac day la nguyen nhan though tai vi cai link tren fb chi co’ 6 likes 10 comments va ko co share :)) day la fb no’ https://www.facebook.com/maxnguyen92

    • anhqle said:

      Yup — looks like it just went “viral” on FB for a while because people sharing back and forth. I thought there was some celebrities that accidentally liked this place or something 😀

  3. Kim said:

    Em vô tình lọt vào đây vì mấy cái sheet nhạc trong Spring Waltz 😀 và cũng rất thích cách anh viết trong các post khác ạ, mặc dù mấy bài tiếng anh về kinh tế thì hơi quá khả năng đọc hiểu của một bạn mới lên cấp 3 như em

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