Update #1: You may right-click, save link as…, to download the file, and change the its file format from jpg to mp3 to play.
Update #2: Click on the “Piano sheet” link next to each song to download the according sheet.

Some of the pieces here are not technically classical – I do like many Romantic compositions. But the number of uploaded music is not yet large enough to call for such careful distinction, so for now, I beg the forgiveness of you music gurus.

Dec. 21, 2009

Brahms: Hungarian Dance #4, Woo 1/4, Poco sostenuto – Vivace (Orchestral) (Media file)


Feb. 22, 2010

Smetana: The Moldau T 111 (Má Vlast) – My country (Media file)
– the breath-taking grandiosity, the urging nationalistic tone, and the delicate yet powerful emotional build-up. All, all of them coalesce into this patriotically-inspired masterpiece. The first 3 minutes you may lend to this orchestral piece in deference to my pleading, but the rest will be compelled by its own power and your own craving. Clearly an exemplar of orchestral expressive prowess.


Mar. 15, 2010

Tchaikovsky: Les saisons, Op. 37 No. 10 October: Autumn Song by Dang Thai Son (Media file)
– it is drenched in the resignation of a causeless sigh, and yet beautifully punctuated with the disquietude of a pleading question. Look for the climaxing question, then the lingering mix of perplexity and sadness.


Mar. 24, 2010

Tchaikovsky: Les saisons, Op. 37 No. 10 June: Barcarole by Dang Thai Son (Media file)


Apr. 10, 2010
Two favorites of mine among the Songs without Words Opus by Mendelssohn. Daniel Barebom did a truly wonderful job of rendering these pieces – they have acquired an edginess that forces listeners out of detachment. As if Barenbom knew exactly what Mendelssohn meant by Allegro leggiero (leggiero – delicately) and Un poco agitato. He conveys precisely that.

Mendelssohn: Songs Without Words Op67-2 F#m Allegro leggiero by Daniel Barenbom (Media file)

Mendelssohn: Songs Without Words Op102-4 Gm Un poco agitato ma andante by Daniel Barenbom (Media file)

July 25, 2010

Fritz Kreisler: Liebesfreud – Love’s Joy by Joshua Bell (Media file)

Fritz Kreisler: Liebesleid – Love’s Sorrow by Joshua Bell (Media file)

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  1. Huong said:

    I hope we can figure out a good way to see this or the Ring Cycle 🙂

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