Update #1: You may right-click, save link as…, to download the file, and change the its file format from jpg to mp3 to play.
Update #2: Click on the “Piano sheet” link next to each song to download the according sheet.

Dec. 16, 2009

Falling – Yiruma (Media file) (Piano sheet)
– give it 3 minutes of your full and calm attention. Does it not go so fine with the snow theme, by the way?



Jan. 12, 2010

Yiruma: Flying Petals (Spring Waltz OST) (Media file)
– for this drama’s fans, this will bring a flashback that makes you smile.

Yiruma: Flying Petals (Piano Duet) (Spring Waltz OST) (Media file) (Piano sheet)

Park Jong Hoon: A Sad Motive (Spring Waltz OST)
(Media file) (Piano sheet)
– guess I can’t help adding a coffee-bitter piece to go with such a cupcake-cheerful one.



May 31, 2010

Yiruma: Chaconne(Media file) (Piano sheet)
I post this piece because it is so beautiful, so warm, so melodious, so blah blah… ok. OK! I post this cuz I’ve just finished learning it, alright? 😀 I’m only giving my self a pat on the back here. (it’s actually physically impossible. hmm. Did not know that.)

  1. Nausicaa said:

    do you still practice the piano ?

    • anhqle said:

      I’m not taking lessons this year… (what a shame). But I am trying to get back to the piano once in a while, at least once a week…

      It really does make for a richer life lolz — I just need to stop being lazy.

      • Nausicaa said:

        Yessss, do keep it up. and hey, why don’t you post one of your piece, if you don’t mind ? I, and I’m sure other readers as well, would sincerely love to hear it.

        • anhqle said:

          Posting me playing the piano? What a travesty against all things beautiful!
          But really, I have fairly high standards when it comes to public performance — I can’t really be a hypocrite a not apply those to myself 😀

          Until I got better!

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