It’s that time of the year again…

… when WordPress brings back its snow theme, and I accordingly change the blog background to my favorite black and post Yiruma’s Falling 🙂

Ah – how lovely are rituals! Isn’t recurrence so comforting?

Falling – Yiruma (Media file) (Piano sheet)
– give it 3 minutes of your full and calm attention. Does it not go so fine with the snow theme, by the way?

Good luck with finals 😉

  1. ql3 said:

    Này ở đây lạnh và vắng vẻ quá :-P.

  2. quynh nguyen said:

    merry xmas, very inspiring theme, I listen to the music and see the snow falling, wow, it looks like xmas is knocking on my door. Take care:)

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