I have recently worked out a nifty trick that allows me to embed music on wordpress, which is supposedly a paid-for function. I was so excited I started experimenting with this page right away!

Anyhow, I reckon a little music would greatly delight you readers as well. You and I, we sure love words: their expressive capacity is simply amazing. Yet absolute verbal communication is always an impossibility. Don’t you sense this clearly when you say “love,” but feel so unfulfilled since that little word alone fails miserably to convey your longing, your heartbreak, and your ecstasy?

Music offers a wonderful alternative (which I shamefully admit to disrespect until a year ago). Such limitless range of emotions within a wide gamut of sounds and without a single word – that is a conveyance of meaning without an imposition of interpretation. Isn’t it marvelous, and isn’t it the least tyrannous form of communication among all else?

But enough with talk – I’m attempting the impossible again. I will post a favorite piece from my personal library every week, either replacing them or just leaving them all here. (Tell me what you prefer.) I may add commentary, or recount how I the amateur have come to love this piece.

(This page is still a budding idea. Please, please share any requests or recommendations.)

Update: I have moved all the songs into their according categories, since it has become quite crowded here in the main page. Please refer to the individual categories in the drop-down list from this main page to indulge yourself with a musical treat of your choice.

  1. Culprit :p said:

    I love how the music makes me so emotional without knowing what kind of emotion it is ^^

    Thanks for writing a blog that offers “healthy doses” for both brains and souls 😉

  2. HK said:

    — Rachmaninov’s Symphony No. 2 in E minor, Op. 27 – III. Adagio

    It’s soooo beautiful. You have to listen. There are a few symphonies I like, but none has touched me so deeply as this one does.

  3. anhqle said:

    uh 🙂 hay that. ma 😡 Binh` thuong orchestral work to’ cu’ nghi la kho’ ma get intimate duoc boi vi no’ powerful qua’ y’, nhung ma cai’ bai` nay kieu penetrate truoc roi` moi’ overwhelm tu` ben trong =) chu’ khong phai la nguoc. lai. nhu binh thuong 😕

  4. Huong said:

    Ban Quoc da tap xong bai Gymnopedie 3 chua day? 😀

    Ah nhan tien duoc request nhac, to thay bai Piano Sonata K.310 in A minor nay kha la de thuong:

    For a piece written in Amin, this is like a delightful winter in white.

    • anhqle said:

      Ya, surprisingly upbeat it is.

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